The Determination powerset provides a character with taunt and defensive powers, primarily regen and resistance.


Power Name Primary Effect Secondary Effect
High Pain Tolerance Self Max Health Buff, Resistance Buff N/A
Iron Will Passive Self Resistance Buff N/A
Rapid Clotting Passive Self Regen Buff N/A
Burst of Speed Toggle, Self Defense Buff N/A
Confidence Toggle, Self Regen Buff PBAoE Accuracy Debuff
Laser Glare Single Target Taunt N/A
Commanding Presence Toggle, PBAoE Taunt N/A
Attention Grab PBAoE Taunt N/A
Motivated Passive Self Damage Buff (Teammate Death Req.) N/A
Inspiring Team Resistance Buff N/A


In a forum thread titled Q&A with Consultant, Casey McGeever aka "The Consultant" discussed some of The Ambassador's powersets, specifically, the Determination power pool set for Tankers.

1. There will be primary and secondary powersets. So, for example, Ambassador has a primary (as a tank) of Determination, and a secondary of Street Sweeping. Determination provides defense and resistance. Street Sweeping relates to his 25th century equivalent of a shotgun, which gives him some cool offensive powers.