The Street Sweeper powerset is a futuristic take on an automatic shotgun. It provides several short-ranged attacks for archetypes that would normally use melee attacks.


Power Name Primary Effect Secondary Effect
Unload Cone Damage None
Bash Single Target Damage None
Slug Single Target Damage None
Fresh Magazine Self Accuracy Buff N/A
Supercharge Self Damage Buff N/A
Spiral Shot Single Target Damage None
Plasma Blast Single Target Damage (Small AoE) None
Ion Shot Single Target Damage (Small AoE) Defense Debuff
Explosive Shot Single Target Damage (Small AoE) DoT
Freeze Shot Single Target Damage (Small AoE) Energy Debuff
Challenge Single Target Threat Taunt
Provoke AoE Out from Player Threat None


In a forum thread titled Q&A with Consultant, Casey McGeever aka "The Consultant" discussed some of The Ambassador's powersets, specifically, the Street Sweeping power pool set for Tankers.

1. There will be primary and secondary powersets. So, for example, Ambassador has a primary (as a tank) of Determination, and a secondary of Street Sweeping. Determination provides defense and resistance. Street Sweeping relates to his 25th century equivalent of a shotgun, which gives him some cool offensive powers.

This powerset is featured in the following Positive Gamer video https://youtu.be/cHN6J08pgfE