Ship of Heroes will utilize a slotted Augment system to modify your Powersets and Powers and further customize your character to your individual playstyle.

The details are somewhat vague, but we understand that during character creation, you'll have a small number of slots available to modify your powers, with the possibility to add additional upgrade slots later through character advancement. At this time there appears to be no limit to the number of slots you can add to a power.

These slots can be filled with Augments, enhancements that will modify your abilities and stats.


In a forum thread titled Q&A with Consultant, Casey McGeever aka "The Consultant" discussed some of their plans for enhancements, specifically, their application for modifying your Powersets and Powers.

2. There will be an enhancement system in that there will be ways to enhance the powers you select, and as a player designing a character, you'll get to make choices about which powers should be upgraded by assigning additional upgrade slots to those powers, and not to others.

He later wrote:

Yes, upgrades (rather than enhancements) will go into the slots. You'll be able to buy some, craft some, or acquire some as drops. These will have the effect of improving stats for your character. However, we do not intend to be bound by enhancement diversification, which we think was a mistake within COH, so we are going down a different path. Also, we don't think six is the best number — some players would like to make a particular power really stellar, and are willing to live with less in other powers, to enable their playstyle? OK.

In the two YouTube videos linked in this forum post, The Consultant refers to them as Augments, the first mention of this name. Direct links to the videos here: