Combat Overview

Following the combat alpha runs in February 2018, we learned that the combat in Ship of Heroes is going to be very similar in feel to the combat systems used in City of Heroes. It will include the usual 'trinity' with tanks, damage dealers (both melee and ranged) and support (healers and controlling types). See the archetypes page for more specific details.


As of March 2018, enemy and friendly targets can be selected by clicking on the characters themselves ingame or on their name tags onscreen if teamed with them. Tab targeting doesn't currently seem to be an option, though this could change.

If a targeted enemy dies and the player uses another attack, the target automatically switches to another nearby enemy with the player's character automatically turning to face the new target if necessary. We don't yet know exactly how the new target is chosen.

Power Selection

Powers are chosen from a list of available powers and dragged to the players choice of slot on the power bar where they can be clicked on to activate or triggered with the press of a key assigned to that slot.

Battle Information

Seems a bit sketchy at present. Details of a kill and the rewards are sent to the chat window and numbers floating above the targets heads indicate damage or healing affecting it.