Planned Powersets

As of now, the plan is to have at least four primary Powersets for each Archetype, each with at least 8-10 powers. Each powerset will also be available as a secondary powerset for another archetype, with the same power names and mechanics but reduced strength.

Many of the powers and powersets are likely to change between now and the game's launch, and some will change after launch. However, the general theme of each set will remain the same.




In a forum thread titled Q&A with Consultant, Casey McGeever aka "The Consultant" discussed some of their plans for powersets, specifically, the number of powerset pools planned for Launch.

3. We are planning for a minimum of 4 primary and secondary powersets per AT at launch, with approximately 8-10 powers per powerset. But remembering that primaries for a tank can be secondaries for a brawler, there will be some overlap in names. But a powerset gives the "strong version" when it is a primary power, and the "regular version" when it is a secondary. We also want to provide a selection of pool powers at launch.